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Welcome to The Miami Conservancy District’s (MCD) Observer Precipitation Application. MCD's precipitation network is comprised of over 40 dedicated participants who provide observed rainfall measurements in the Great Miami River Watershed. This application will allow you to query precipitation data that has been recorded for the last 20+ years.

Please select from the following options:

Monthly Precipitation Reports
These are monthly reports released by MCD that provide daily rainfall totals, averages, departure, and runoff.
Station Rainfall Data and Reports
This allows you to custom-query and graph rainfall data for one selected station at a time, and obtain rankings of monthly and yearly totals for the selected station.
Basin Average Values
This lists the long-term averages based on the entire period-of-record (80+ years for many stations).
Data Download
This allows you to download daily, weekly, monthly or yearly totals for multiple stations and a specified date range into a spreadsheet format, database or text file.
Observer Logon
Observer Logon area to upload your monthly data observations