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MCD funding comes from assessments paid by property owners who receive benefits from services provided by Miami Conservancy District. The funding mechanism is provided for in the Ohio Revised Code.

Each of MCD's areas of operation — flood protection, water resources, and recreation — are individually funded, and the funds are not interchanged.

MCD's main funding comes from assessments. MCD also can receive funding through grants, agreements and other sources.


Flood Protection
MCD can levy two types of flood protection assessments: one for capital improvements and one for maintenance.

Initial funding to build the flood protection system was entirely paid for by the people of the Miami Valley. No federal or state funds were used for the design or construction of the system. Construction debt was financed through bonds that were retired in 1949. At that time, assessments were reduced to a level required to provide for the ongoing maintenance of the flood protection system.

In 1999, MCD began a temporary assessment to pay for a series of capital improvement projects known as the Dam Safety Initiative. The projects are designed to ensure the ongoing safety and integrity of the flood protection system.

Aquifer Preservation Subdistrict
MCD’s work in preserving groundwater is funded by a unit assessment levied against each of the nine participating counties within the program boundaries.

River Corridor Improvement Subdistrict
Political entities (communities) pay an annual assessment to MCD’s River Corridor Improvement Subdistrict to provide maintenance for amenities including bikeways, low dams and recreational trail bridges in Montgomery, Warren and Butler counties.