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The History of MCD

The Dayton area had survived several floods over the years, but none like the Great Flood of 1913. As early as 1805, Dayton had been inundated by the Great Miami River. The river overflowed its banks with some regularity, with flooding documented in 1814, 1828, 1832, 1847, 1866, 1883, 1897 and 1898.



MCD was born as a direct result of the 1913 flood. Many residents climbed to the second floor and into attics of their homes to escape death from the floodwaters that raced and swirled uncontrollably in freezing temperatures. During those long hours waiting for the waters to recede, residents promised one another they never again would allow the Great Miami River to rage uncontrollably.

Soon after the flood, residents raised enough money to hire a young engineer to develop a regional flood protection system that has protected the region since 1922. While maintaining the commitment to its core mission of flood protection, over the years MCD has been at the forefront of emerging water issues, growing as needed to meet the region’s water needs.

From flood protection to water research and education, to recreational amenities along the river’s edge, the Miami Conservancy District provides quality-of-life improvements to the region.

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