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The Great Flood of 1913 devastated the Miami Valley along the Great Miami River, killing hundreds and causing $100 million in damage (more than $2 billion in today’s economy). Today, The Miami Conservancy District’s (MCD) flood protection system exists to prevent flooding and saves property owners from the mess, stress and financial loss of flooding.

Properties that flooded in 1913 and now benefit from MCD’s flood protection system pay two annual assessments – one for maintenance and the other for the Dam Safety Initiative (DSI). The maintenance assessment covers the necessary, ongoing maintenance of the dams, levees and related flood protection features. The DSI covers capital improvements to the dams.

Assessments are based on a variety of factors including property tax values established by the county auditor. Properties that receive a higher level of protection, in general, pay a higher assessment. 

Since property tax values can increase or decrease over time, MCD periodically performs a readjustment to make sure that the cost to maintain the flood protection system is equitably distributed.


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Example Assessment Calculation