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Natural riparian buffers have been lost in many places over the years. Restoring them in appropriate areas is an easy way to protect water quality, riverbank stability, wildlife and aesthetics in the Great Miami River Watershed. Landowners, communities and conservation organizations can all help restore and protect the riparian buffers.


  • Store floodwaters
  • Reduce flood flows and velocities
  • Filter pollutants, such as sediment and nutrients, being carried by runoff from land
  • Promote groundwater recharge
  • Provide habitat for many types of wildlife including fish and stream insects
  • Promote rich soils suitable for agriculture
  • Provide recreation opportunities


Floodplain Preservation in the Great Miami River Watershed
Since our inception, MCD has worked to protect the floodplains of rivers and streams in the Great Miami River Watershed. MCD manages more than 4,500 acres of protected floodplain land.

For more information, contact Roxanne Farrier at 937-223-1271.