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Our Water Resource Library contains a substantial number of documents covering a wide variety of topics related to water issues within the Great Miami River Watershed.

Since water issues across the watershed are diversified, so are the documents contained in the reference library. Among the resources are professional papers, consultant reports and journal articles.

This library is designed to serve anybody interested in water issues across the region.

NOTE: Documents in the Resource Library are provided in PDF format, and are easily viewed using Adobe's Acrobat Reader. The Reader can be downloaded for free. Get Adobe now.

The PDF files were created by scanning paper copies of reports.  The quality of each PDF file depends on the condition of the original document. Some are better than others. If you are having trouble reading a document because of poor quality, please contact Mike Ekberg.

Please contact Mike Ekberg if you have any questions or comments about using this application, or if you would like to submit a document to our online library.

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