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Water Data

The Miami Conservancy District has an extensive and comprehensive water dataset. With more than 4 million records to maintain and store, we have developed a network of online data applications to help you retrieve and analyze this data.

The MCD Real-time Data section provides current and historical precipitation and river stage data from the ALERT system.
The USGS Real-time Data section links you to the United States Geological Survey’s
stream gaging network website that provides current and historical data on river stage, flow, and precipitation data.
The Groundwater Levels section
provides recently measured groundwater elevation data collected from MCD observation wells.
The Real-time Groundwater Levels section links you to the United States Geological Survey’s website that provides
current and historical groundwater elevation data from MCD and USGS observations wells that are equipped with telemetry.
The Groundwater Quality section provides recently measured and historical
groundwater chemistry data collected from MCD monitoring wells.
The Observer Precipitation
section provides recent and historical precipitation data from MCD observer precipitation network.

The YSI EcoNet section provides real-time water quality data for the Great Miami River and some of its major tributaries. The data is measured by YSI 6-series sondes. For a definition of the water quality parameters measured go to the YSI EcoNet Parameters document on the right margin of this page.

These applications are catered toward technical users and professionals. If you have a question please contact Mike Ekberg, (937) 223-1278 ext. 3237.

Although MCD's datasets follow standard guidelines and quality assurance, we do not warranty the data against error. Please use your best judgment when analyzing any data.



Water Resource Library

Water reports, journal articles, professional papers and more


YSI EcoNet Parameters

Water Resources Reports