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Water Studies

MCD regularly conducts studies and publishes reports that summarize the conditions of surface water and the groundwater in the Great Miami River Watershed. The information is used to add to the region’s understanding of the overall health of our water resources and the steps needed to sustain them into the future.

The most recent Water Resources Report can be downloaded from the right. The Resources & Publications section of this website contains many current and historical reports. Real-time Data is available here.

Types of evaluations conducted by MCD in the Great Miami River Watershed:

MCD measures and tracks precipitation data. The data is used to forecast flood events, is provided to the National Weather Service, and is analyzed along with groundwater level data to better understand how precipitation affects the water stored in the aquifer.

MCD operates an extensive stream gaging network within the watershed to calculate stream flow – which includes surface runoff and baseflow. Baseflow is groundwater that seeps into adjacent streams and rivers. That is why some of the streams and rivers in the watershed are able to have water flowing in them during prolonged droughts.

MCD assesses both surface water and groundwater samples to assess the presence or absence of pollutants to track annual trends, establish a baseline for future studies, and verify nutrient reductions from landowner incentive programs.

For more information on groundwater evaluations contact Mike Ekberg at or (937) 223-1271.



2014 Water Resources Report Infographic

2015 Groundwater Resources Report