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The Miami Valley's water resources are one of the area’s greatest assets. Our water supply — both groundwater and surface water — provide abundant resources for industry, businesses and future economic growth and development. Clean, safe drinking water is essential to human, wildlife, plant and aquatic communities.

In this section of our website you can find extensive information on the water resources of the Great Miami River Watershed and MCD’s surface and groundwater resource program.

The Water in the Great Miami River Watershed section includes information on our rivers, streams, and groundwater, and how to protect our valuable water resources.

The Groundwater Programs section summarizes MCD’s Aquifer Preservation Subdistrict, Groundwater Studies, Groundwater Guardian Green Sites, Test Your Well, and Source Water Protection Projects.

The Surface Water Programs section summarizes the details on MCD’s programs that help protect and preserve the rivers and streams of the Great Miami River Watershed.

The Water Data section links you to real time water flow data, surface and groundwater quality and quantity data, and precipitation data from throughout the Great Miami River Watershed.

The Citizen Involvement section provides opportunities for you to get involved in water resources in your community.



Well Owner Fact Sheet


Be WaterWise Fact Sheet