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Great Miami River Watershed
Water Quality Credit Trading Program

The Great Miami River Watershed Water Quality Credit Trading program provides funds for reducing pollutant runoff into rivers and streams. This new program could save communities more than $300 million over the next 20 years while significantly improving water quality.

Soil and water conservation district (SWCD) staff – working with local farmers who agree to voluntarily change their farming practices – will submit projects that reduce phosphorus and nitrogen runoff. These pollutants come from fertilizer and manure and can run off the land into our rivers and streams.

The projects will generate “credits” that wastewater treatment plants can use to meet regulatory requirements.

About 40 percent of Ohio’s rivers and streams do not meet state guidelines for fishing and swimming and other designated uses. As a result, new regulations will require wastewater treatment plants to reduce even more pollutants at the plant.

The plants have made great strides in reducing pollutants, and even a slight percent reduction can cost millions of additional dollars. On the other hand, an agricultural project upstream of the plant can generate a far greater reduction at a significantly lower cost – saving the plant and its customers money.

Projects will be reviewed and selected by an advisory committee – not MCD – whose members represent wastewater treatment plants, agricultural producers, Ohio Farm Bureau Federation, Ohio Water Environment Association, community-based watershed organizations, county soil and water conservation districts, ODNR and the USDA.

In partnership with:

County Soil and Water Conservation Districts

Ohio Farm Bureau Federation Inc.

ODNR - Division of Soil and Water Conservation

OEPA – Division of Surface Water

USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service

Cities of Dayton, Englewood, and Union

Butler County Department of Environmental Services

Tri-Cities North Regional Wastewater Authority

For more information please contact Sarah Hippensteel at 937-223-1278 ext. 3244 or


Trading Program Operations Manual