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Value of Water

Value of Water

Value of Water

Water – It’s personal
Become a water advocate

We drink it. We grow our food in it. We flush our toilets with it. Sixty percent of our body weight is water, and we need two-thirds of a gallon every day just to survive. Without water we can’t live. Without clean water we can’t live a healthy life.

From agriculture to manufacturing, most sectors of our economy rely on water. Without water, our economy would grind to a halt.

Yet we take water for granted. Maybe that’s because when we turn on the faucet — voila, cheap water. Did you know the average American family pays twice as much for cable TV as it does for its water? We can live without cable. No, really. But we can’t live without water. Yet we are allowing water to be wasted and poisoned.

Water resources are at risk, putting the nation at risk. Nature provides water but we have to take steps to protect it. In this region, rain soaks through the ground into a large aquifer that stores groundwater used for drinking. The water in our rivers and the aquifer interact, so it’s important to protect each from pollution.

Become a water advocate
Become a water advocate and make water a priority by supporting efforts to:

• Change the way we put buildings and roads and parking lots on our land.

• Spend money to fix the real problem.

• Support common sense laws that protect our water.

• Vote for people who care about your life and your health and who will protect the one thing you can’t replace – water.

• Do your part – lead by example.

It’s time to value water.

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