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Miami Valley

Drinking water for nearly everyone in the Miami Valley comes from water under the ground that is stored in the aquifer. We need our water to be safe and clean for drinking. We all do things around the house that affect our water. So let’s keep it clean Miami Valley!

Water Wise Tips

Report SpillsReport Spills.
Report spills, abandoned drums, and other environmental emergencies 24 hours a day at 1-800-282-9378.

fertilizersUse pesticides and fertilizers sparingly.
Pesticides and fertilizers can run off your lawn and enter rivers, lakes and streams. Their harmful chemicals can kill aquatic life and affect drinking water.

fertilizersDispose of household cleaners, paint and other chemicals safely.
Many cleaning products in homes and garages are too dangerous to be thrown in the trash or poured down the drain. Anything marked “Poison” or “Danger” should be taken to your local hazardous waste center.

oilTake care when changing your car’s motor oil. Dispose of the oil safely.
One quart of motor oil can pollute 250,000 gallons of river water, so use a large pan if you are changing motor oil yourself. Never pour leftover oil down a storm drain or into the trash. Drop it off at your local hazardous waste center.

carsFix car leaks promptly.
Leaky cars can leave drips or puddles of motor oil and other fluids on your streets and driveways. When it rains, these fluids run through the storm drains and into your rivers. Fix car leaks and clean stains off your driveway.

petsPick up after your pet.
When it rains, bacteria from pet waste left in the yard can run into storm drains, polluting rivers and streams. Pick up after your pet at home and on walks.

medicationDispose of unwanted medication safely – don’t flush it.
Small amounts of prescription drugs can find their way to your rivers and streams if they are flushed down the toilet or sink. Take unwanted prescription drugs to local drop-off events.

wellBe water smart – test your well.
If your water comes from a private well, it’s important to have it tested every year for potential problems, including nitrates, E.coli, and arsenic.

tap waterEnjoy tap water.
Clean, safe water means you can save thousands of dollars each year simply by drinking tap – instead of bottled water. Remember, a lot of bottled water is simply tap water from another city. Which means that instead of drinking the treated water you already pay for (on your water bill) you are drinking another city's treated water. And paying a lot more for it. If you drink 16-ounce bottles of water, you could spend about $7.50 a gallon. Tap water can cost less than a penny a gallon.

fishingEnjoy your waterways – kayaking, canoeing and fishing.
The Dayton Region features the largest state-designated water trail system in Ohio with 265 miles along the Great Miami, Mad and Stillwater rivers. Get out and enjoy all they have to offer.

OhioGet involved!
No matter where you live, work, or play, the land drains to a river and sometimes to the aquifer. Join a community group in your area that works to protect our water.



Report Spills